Are you looking for cereals and legumes of the best biological quality or grown using traditional methods respectful of the environment?

We can help you by searching and selecting it for you from all over the world at the best prices. We take care of shipping and delivery to your company.

We, as a farm have been growing cereals and legumes since 1800, in compliance with the practices that safeguard the environment and its biodiversity. We are located in the North-West of Italy, a few kilometers from Vercelli, fully immersed in the countryside of the Po Valley at the board with the Sesia river. It is in this cradle that we are able to preserve several varieties of cereals and legumes which are the most famous in the Italian tradition.

Our company produces cereals (rice and corn) and legumes (soia, lentils and peas), from which we get delicate gluten-free flours. The company uses the most advanced cultivation techniques, combining traditional methods quality label (SAI RISI) with organic cultivation. The use of techniques of minimum tillage and green manuring makes the fields more productive in the most natural way and minimize the use of fertilizers. Over the years we have always worked respecting and safeguarding the biodiversity that characterizes our land.

Castello di Salasco - Italy - email: castellodisalasco@castellodisalasco.it